Why did Esther have to go through all of the preparation and the bad situation she was in when all of the virgins was summoned?

Just take a minute to think about this, you are forced to leave your home, family and everything you love to become part of the king’s house. To me that doesn’t sound glamorous at all. What is the bigger picture here?

Yes, she stood up for her people, she was born for such a time as this but, what if I tell you that the story of Esther also tells the story of Jesus and His people. Just like Esther went to the king unsummoned to fight for her people, Jesus had to do something that ultimately cost His life. He was so brave and loved us so much that He died for His people, just like Esther was willing to die for her people to be obedient to God.

Esther was prepared and moulded in to the person God needed at that moment that He knew trusted in Him, know His Word and took the authority given by God to set God’s will in motion. Jesus had to go through preparation to become the Messiah to be the one that would save all of God’s people. Jesus had to leave His family behind, go to a new kingdom (God’s kingdom which He was busy preparing) to live out the will of God.

When we decide to sit back and let God do in our lives according to His will, we will start to see God move in ways we’ve never seen before. Die to self and really live in obedience to God. We have to ask ourselves the question, why are we Christians? Is it just to not go to hell or is it because God is our reality and our First Love?

I truly hope that the story of Esther sparked something in you to go and do your own digging in the Bible and to see what God is really trying to say. Open your heart and thoughts and invite God in to your life.

That concludes part 1, in part 2 we will continue our journey back to the garden.


When was the last time you sat down and had a proper conversation with God? Going to your inner room and really dedicating time to spend in prayer with God.

Talking to God about all the desires of your heart and what’s currently your obstacles or passions.


I want to challenge you this week to really make an effort to spend time in prayer. Set 5 mins or how many you are comfortable with aside of each day and start talking to God. Some people write in a journal their prayers to God or even make coffee and sit at the kitchen table and talk to God.

After one week of spending time with God in prayer, how has it changed your relationship with Him?

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