Pearl Drop Moments represent something that is beyond this world, our lives are just a moment. We are all precious pearls in the Father’s hands, and He drops us into life, where we have a choice to either follow and obey Him or choose the world. It is time that we act like the precious pearls we are. To shine where God has placed us and to represent the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Are you ready to step into your destiny as a daughter of the Great I Am? Are you ready to pick up your crown AND your cross?

We are a creative ministry called Pearl Drop Moments.

We started Pearl Drop Moments as a platform for God’s daughters to reconnect with Him and also grow together as a “community”. It is important that we know our role in our society and family according to God’s Word. When we stand fully in our positions the enemy has less of a  chance to gain authority in our family’s lives.

We have 4 main divisions; our magazine, devotional blog, online store and a new division that joined the family – design.

We have an online magazine where you can join others in learning more about God and His wonderful ways of working as well as testimonies, difficult topics and so much more!

All our study material and devotionals are on our blog free for you to enjoy!

Our online store is a “safe” place of products that won’t give any authority to the enemy. We make sure that every product sold here is pure with no images, symbols, signs, or anything else that the enemy uses to place curses or proclaim the wrong message over us and our children’s lives. We take a no-nonsense stand against the enemy and his plans to infiltrate our lives.

Our warmest regards,

The Pearl Drop Moments Team